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education & awareness for humanity

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Conscious Humanity, Inc PO Box 620425 OVIEDO FL 32762 | IRS ruling year: 1998 | Donations are tax-deductible | EIN: 83-4049730

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Conscious Humanity, Inc creates awareness and education on issues that matter to humanity. Our principal verticals focus around mental health, companion animal safety, social responsibility, innovative conservation efforts for the planet and responsible technology usage.

Conscious Humanity, Inc goal is to expand mindfulness and challenge the current frequency of humanity and inspire hope that we can be better stewards of our planet, ourselves as well as the collective. We are a fan of justice, empowerment and self reliance. Honoring liberty and freedom we have been graciously gifted by those who fought for it. Authenticity is key, backed by truthful education and science, spiritual expansion and testing the boundaries of the human psyche and evolved growth of the human condition.

We should ask ourselves “What can I contribute positively today?” “What is my gift to humanity?” Conscious Humanity, Inc is storytelling and education combined with action through contribution.

Animal Welfare

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The entire planet is seeking a place of truth and resonance of authentic human expression. During this time in history, our lives have been impacted in many ways that we may not fully understand today. The importance and delivery of positive messaging is key and people are ready for it. Media has the capacity to influence us in the most important ways and we chose the light at Conscious Humanity, Inc. The messaging includes the ability to…

Captivate: High quality content reaching deep into a person’s beliefs systems and an opportunity to

Educate: A message that can be profound in a variety of ways so a person can receive them, we want honest content

Inspire: Content that offers solutions, ideologies, information and tools of expression for those who are ready to receive it

Conscious Humanity, Inc can impact those who want to watch, listen and learn. With so many things perceivably going wrong in this world right now, you can have a place where you can feel grounded and feel at home with real messages from real people. Entertainment can be fun, thought provoking and inspiring at the same time.


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Conscious Humanity, Inc collaborates with other mindful independent creatives together, we create the platforms needed to tell the stories of those we help. Our business model is as a nonprofit 501C3.

Conscious Humanity, Inc:

  • Evaluates and chooses which organizations funds will go to;
  • Secures appropriate funding through donations, special fundraising events, and/or grants.
  • Contracts with partners that we deem are strategically and compassionately able to help tell the story, build the right technology and help distribute to a wide audience.
  • Holds total creative control over all aspects of project unless partnership are agreed upon.
  • Works with our global distribution networks to ensure each story reaches the right audience.


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Conscious Humanity,Inc

education & awareness for humanity

Current Projects

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The ResQ journey

It Starts with Conscious Humanity, Inc. a 501 c#-Non-Profit

Mission Statement

We bring awareness, education and action to issues that affect most of humanity.

How do we do this?

We create award winning full length documentaries that educate and stir emotion by the use of professionally produced film in such a powerful way as to motivate our viewers and supporters to take action in their own individual communities. This action will be different for everyone based on their capabilities but will always include donating highly needed resources.

How do we take action?

How can you help us make a difference?

By making a one time, monthly or yearly donation and by sharing this mission, this contribution furthers our agenda to help humanity and companion animals.

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About the ResQ Project

Conscious Humanity, a humanitarian based nonprofit created the “Resq Project”. This mission will fundamentally change the way people track their donations. The use of a distributed ledger technology makes that possible. The push for transparency has never been greater. Old legacy agencies that claim they have the animals best interest at heart seemingly provide little value in comparison to the billions they take in from compassionate consumers. We seek to find balance at Conscious Humanity. There is always more than enough for everyone when people can see where it goes.

ResQ is solving this as a transparent way to give and provide value to those organizations providing the care. This purchase is made to a non profit, this may be tax deductible. We wanted to provide value with the delivery of our mission, we have partners like NalaCat™ that have joined us to become the voice to get the word out. We decided paying it forward was a good way to show faith in humanity. We have designed ResQ as a donation based campaign which will donate more than double the percentage of the national average specifically to local animal shelters in need. The Donor receives a beautiful one of a kind limited edition 2D or 3D collectible of a ResQ “Super Squad” character in a mystery pick where 1 of the 10 Super Squad characters will be randomly selected in appreciation for their donation. Nala Cat™ is the world’s most followed cat on instagram and she is the leader of the Super Squad. Their mission is to save companion animals everywhere that need to find homes and educate about the importance of spay and neuter. If everyone does their part, we all can win. Animals don’t have to die in shelters.